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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 28

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"My baby girl, how are you? Mama misses you a lot." Lily said once they arrived. "I miss you too Mama. I'm fine. What about you and Papa?" Gem said after hugging her. "We're fine dear, very. How are the twins?" Her mother asked when Mark entered with twins messing him around. "I tried warning you bro. They are very smart." The two ladies looked at Red who smiled at them with Dave and Cole trying to stop themselves from laughing but failed miserably. "Well, you got your answer." Gem looked at her mother and laughed together. Suddenly, Gem is lifted up in the air by her father. "My princess, still look gorgeous like your mother. You're blooming too much. I guess Red has trouble keeping other man away from you, isn't he?" Ray teased making Gem blushed in embarrassment. "You have no idea Dad. I still wonder how unaware my wife is." Red said earning a playful glare from her as Ray laughed at them.

Upon reaching to the living room, Red saw his parents sitting so casually as if this house is theirs. "You do know you are inside of other people's home, right?" Red sighed and shook his head when they just shrugged but nonetheless hug his mother and greeted his father. "My boy, why on earth spend so much in an expensive hotel when we can stay here? It is our house as well." Luis explained patting his son on the back. That little detail made everyone in the room stunned, except for the parents. "Yup. Well, technically, Ray owns the place that he inherited from his parents and since we are best buds so we all stayed in one place. This is where everything began, and where all of you made." Carla just blurted out making the four boys whine like girls as Gem blush. If Gem's real parents were alive, she would complain like them but when that thought came to her mind, she gently smiled, forgetting that she's been thinking a lot of love making through her time right now.

"Okay kids, calm down. It's already done and there's nothing you can do about it. Move on." Carla reprimanded making the boys shut their mouths. Then Lily noticed Gem smiling and she smiled. "Gem dear, Carla and I are going to the mall. Come with us. You needed to be separated to your husband some time. And I miss having you around when I shop. The kids we'll be with us so you don't have to worry. Are you ready Carla?" Gem looked at Red who just smiled and ushered her to go as Carla took her away with the kids in Lily's hands, holding them firmly so they won't trip. "Have fun dear." Ray said loud enough. "Don't be such drag darling. Lily hates that." Luis teasingly said to his wife. "Shut up darling." Carla answered with a yes from Lily and Gem saying good bye as Ben drove them off.

"Talk, son. You have questions. I know." Luis then looked at his son who smiled warily. "I have a lot. I hope you understand." Red said. "Hey, this is Gem we are talking about. Her safety comes first. Ask away little brother." Mark said nudging him on his shoulder. "Marg needs help."


This is not happening. The evidence all lead to that one thing but no one really wanted to believe it. It was impossible but now, it is already happening.

"Impossible." He said and looked up to see doctor's grave reaction. "The girl's name was Melody Perez. As much as I'm surprised on how she was named as Samantha Javier was beyond me. But whatever you needed for this information, I hope it helps you."

It helps us a lot but it took too much time. They have no control over this. Sixteen years, they believed, all believed that she's dead and now that this is revealed, everything made sense. F*ck! Wasting time is not an option anymore. Cole has beating all the red lights through intersections so that he could reach Marg apartment complex. He had called Red and he hopes he reached to Gem in time. He abruptly stopped in front of the building when he noticed Erick's car already speeding his way to him. "I've been calling her but she's not answering." Erick said once he left his car. "Try calling again. She needs to get out..." Cole said as he stepped out of his own car when he noticed a dark puddle at the bottom the stairs. "Call for help." He said as he looked up to see the guard post. Erick followed what the other was looking at and cursed on what he saw. The guard's body with a slit throat hanging lifelessly on the edge with his blood seeping out. As they entered the building, the smell of blood came crashing them. Holding their breath in, they searched the area and saw bodies everywhere. In the reception and the waiting area and what is more gruesome was a pile of bodies out of the elevator. For sure they'll be using the stairs. "Who could have done this? This is too much for one person." Erick said as they made their way towards the fifth floor.

"I don't think some of the people we saw didn't live here in the first place." Cole suggested. A little out of breath but it didn't matter, as long as they reached to her and they are hoping that she's not like the people they have seen back at the lobby. Once they reached the floor, Cole and Erick hurried their way towards Margarette's apartment not missing some of the bodies laying down bloodied and dead. When Erick opened the door, they saw her pointing a gun at them with trembling hands. "You're lucky I didn't pull the trigger." She said when she sighed in relief and slumped on the ground. Both went to her and check for injuries. She has a stab on the side and is still bleeding too much. "Help is coming. Hold on, okay?" Erick said as he put pressure on the wound. Marg smiled weakly and Cole could see how pale she's getting because of it. "Take this. Wake me up when Gem is safe." She said smirking until she fainted on them when Cole held her hand. He looked at her hands when he noticed a device in it. "She'll live but not for so long." Erick said when they heard sirens not far from the building. "Stay here and put pressure on that wound. I'll get them." Holding tightly at the recorder, Cole sends everyone a message as he run back to the lobby. Hope is all what is left. Time is not on their side and to be honest, it hasn't been for the past sixteen years.

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