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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 29

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"Samantha Javier is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or BPD when she was a child. Impulsive behavior, intense mood swings and having problems in interpersonal relationship with others, not to mention, the person who has this disorder will also have the feeling of low self esteem. When she showed up, she was very shy. She would always keep her head down as if she's afraid. I asked Rea and Allan for her behavior that's when I noticed her reaction. Every bit of what her parents says, she reacted as if she can understand and hated how her parents describe her behavior. She started getting angry and would scream. Her words are still un-understandable so no one could understand what she was trying to say. Then I tried a different approach. I gave her a pencil and paper and ask what was she trying to say and she wrote words that a four year old could not possibly do but there she is. Her handwriting was legible and you wouldn't think that a child would have handwriting like that. Her choice of words is too deep for her age. She's a very intelligent girl.

"Her mind is much more advanced than her body. But no one would believe in her. Every time she was scheduled for her session, I would always see her angry and sad. Her mood was always swinging back and forth. I kept on asking what was wrong and she would look at me with such angry eyes and then changed to sad and begging ones and then wonder and it goes on. I never had the chance to know more when one day her parents came and kept thanking me for helping their daughter. I don't understand what was going on. Rea and Allan told me that their daughter told them that she's all better. At first they doubted her but when they told me that me that they saw little Sammy playing with other kids and is becoming more of normal girl than before. I knew that she's not yet better. I didn't even do anything yet but there's nothing I can do. Until I heard the news a year after that she died, drowned."

The doctor sighed evident that she felt stressed about it. Then she handed them an envelope. When Dave opened them and took one, it was a drawing, a very vivid drawing. "All of those are Samantha's drawings. Look at all of them and you'll be surprise on what's in there." Then the brothers checked every drawing inside. As they studied, five drawings caught their attention. One was a girl looking at a family carrying a baby from a distance. The next was the same girl being abused and another was a girl floating in the pool, lifeless. That image stunned them. Just like what their parents told them how their cousin died, the drawing has shown it all, very clear. When they looked at the fourth drawing, took their breath away. Not because it's beautiful but because it's the most terrifying drawing and they couldn't believe on what they are seeing.

There's a girl but looked grown up and is looking at the couple in front of the altar, the same altar Gem and Red where they got married to. "How can she draw something like this? She was still a child. These drawings are exactly the same as the one we already know and witness. If this is her imagination, then it's too good to be true." Mark said. Confusion is evident in every word. "Then please look at the last drawing. That's the last one she drawn here." When they looked at the paper, eyes widen. Time suddenly stopped as they looked at every inch of Samantha's drawing. It is about the accident, how police described when they found Gem on the ground. "Did Samantha tell you anything?" Dave asked, shocked after seeing the drawing. Even his brothers have not yet found their voices to ask or even speak. "She told me that she'll prove everyone that she's not weird. That she's more and they'll beg for her forgiveness. And she won't stop until she pays everyone back." With trembling hands and shaky breath, the doctor gave them every video and papers during Samantha's sessions. "With those words, I watched her every single day. No one knew what was I doing but the feeling that I have in the past didn't go away when I saw her accidentally in a playground with kids all cowering in fear. Samantha Javier is not getting any better. She lied to her parents and her family and she didn't care if anyone would find out. She didn't care. She didn't only have BPD, she also have antisocial personality disorder or APD. Lying, not caring about anyone's feelings and acting violently at anything, she shows those signs. And if your hunch that she was still alive, then I hope that you get to her on time."

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