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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 30

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She can't blame her husband's worry but, this is too much. Mia and Kevin wouldn't leave her be. If they can't be with me, another will replace them. Gem sighed. A few months had passed and now, she's already seven months pregnant with a healthy baby girl. Everyone was happy with the news, especially Red. He cried when he found out about it. Even their families are ecstatic about the new addition to the family. Lily and Carla had been shopping with her when they found out the gender of their baby. They even decorated Gem's former room into a baby's room and it's an endless fight on what color to what design they should do. It was hectic but Gem loved it, regardless.

Ray and Luis even hired new maids and butlers for them. She tried reasoning out that having too many to help is too much but Mia and Kevin even reasoned her to accept it because the house is big enough for them and they will get all the help they can get once the baby arrive and they really, really need the help. They begged so she complied. Red, on the other hand, also hired guards, talk about too much security. She didn't understand why he's being paranoid about her safety but since having their first baby means a lot of problems like her parents would say so she just let them do what they think it's best for her and the baby.

But it's weird. She sighed again then looked back to her laptop, continuing her work when Rose entered and placed her favorite tea beside her. "Relax. They're just worried. After all, you're having your first baby and they are getting everything ready and prepared for you. Even your safety, they would secure you if anything bad happens." She said smiling at her best friend who relaxed after drinking her tea. Leaning back at her chair, Gem placed a hand over her stomach and felt a kick from her daughter. She smiled. "I know but I can't help but think and worry. I'm pregnant, yes but they didn't have to hire new maids and butlers, even guards. Mia and Kevin is enough. Now, I have to work at home because Red doesn't want me to stress about the company." She sighed again and shook her head.

"Hey, you're being stubborn as it is. I also did tell you the same thing when I was pregnant. You didn't even let me work even though I told you I can work. So, we're even." Rose chuckled when the other just sigh again but now with a smile on her lips. Then Rose phone rang snapping them out from their respective work. Gem didn't bother her and continue her own work when she heard Mia and Kevin enter the room. She looked up confused when she noticed Mia and Rose gently helping her up from her sit. "What's going on? Where are we going?" She asked, confused. "We'll explain later but right now we have to leave." Rose said as Kevin waited for them at the door. "The car is ready. Sir Red called already." Red called? What's going on? One of the guards said.

Everyone looked cautious and wary of their surrounding as they looked around the house. The way they look made her nervous. It sends knots on her stomach and she felt her baby fidgeted inside her, also feeling scared. 'Calm down baby. Everything will be okay. Mama's just nervous.' Gem chuckled silently at the thought when she tried asking again when a shot was heard and the guard near the front door fell to the ground. With no time to scream, Rose pulled her to a room. "Whatever you do, don't go out of this room, promise?" Gem looked at her best friend looking frantic and at the same time, calm. "What's going on Rose? What happened? That was a gunshot right? Please tell me what's going on." She begged trying to stop herself from shaking then Rose smiled and hugged her tight. "I'll tell you later. Just promise me that you won't get out of this room. Please, Gem, just promise me." She looked at her eyes, looking for answers but she didn't find any. Gentle and scared, not sure if those two words can even come together but that's what Gem see from Rose eyes. Then she nodded. "Promise, only if you promise me too that you'll be okay." Rose smiled hugged her again, this time gentle and strong. "I promise."

Then with the last smile and a hug, Rose went out locking the door from the outside and slid the key inside. Gem took the key and held it in her arms tightly. Then she heard gunshots again from the outside and closed her eyes. She can't do anything but let her tears fall. She could hear people grunting and she can't do anything to help. Whatever is happening, she has no idea. But one thing is for sure, someone's out there to get her. Why would she be hiding in the first place if not that? Why is it that Rose and the other are over protective of her all of a sudden?

She gasped when someone was trying to turn the knob. Her breath hitched as she waited for anything. She trembled in fear. Then she grabbed her phone, calling Red. But before she could speak when it was answered, a voice outside made her dropped the phone and looked at the door with fright and shock. "I know you're there baby sister so be a good girl and open the door or the people you care will die."


Those words and that voice, sh*t. Red cursed as he sped his way back at their house with his friends following behind. Once they reached the gate, they saw an ambulance and police officers around. "What happened? Where's my wife?" He asked one of the police once he reached the front door with his friends looking for Rose until they spotted her sitting at the corner. Mike called and immediately approached her. Once she heard him, she hugged him tight, trembling and crying.

Clearly, she's scared and blaming herself for everything has happened. "It's okay cous. We're here. Are you hurt anywhere?" Mike asked. "She got her. I'm so sorry. I tried but she got her. I'm so sorry, so sorry. I tried. But when she told her that she'll kill us, she opened the door and let herself be captured. I'm sorry for not protecting her enough. I'm so sorry." Rose kept saying again and again. Mike looked at the others as his eyes stopped at Red as he clutched his hands into fists. Furious is beyond what he's feeling right now but right now, he needs to calm down and collect his thoughts. He needed to be calm so he won't lashed to anyone especially who tried their best to protect his wife, his honey. He bent down to her level and firmly held her hands but gentle enough to assure her that everything will be okay. "I'll get her back Rose. Thanks for protecting her for me. I'll take care everything, don't worry." He smiled as she cried and cupped her face then lean at Mike's embrace. Red stood up and looked at his friends and saw Kevin and Mia being taken inside the ambulance. "They've been shot but they are not in critical condition, yet. They've lost a lot of blood and they needed to be treated immediately." Red looked at the police man who looked up ahead before looking up to him. "Sir Red, please come with me. I have things to show you." He looked back at his friends and before he could call, the rest came with him with Rose being held carefully by Mike.

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