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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 31

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"You are Samantha Javier." Then a crazy laugh surrounds the room. "I have always had been love. What are you talking about?" "You are responsible for your own parent's death. You killed an innocent girl and even break Gem to the point of insanity. Why are you doing this?" "Why am I doing this?" Another sinister laugh surrounds the room. "Because it's fun. I love how my baby sister look whenever she remembers every bit of how 'I' died and how our dear parents died with all the blood. Eyes wide, screaming and shaking to the point of fainting, fearing everything is what I plan for her, and why? Because she deserves to feel pain, Rea and Allan doesn't even give a f*ck on what I do. They never believe in me and what I'm capable of. Gem was never abused and raped like I did and did my very caring and loving parents believe that? No, Marg. They didn't. And they deserve to die. I never felt love from them in the first place. Love is just a word, an excuse for weak and stupid people. Now, since you have fallen to my trap, I'll give you some spare time. Killing you was never part of my plan but I knew you were betraying me the moment you got back that night so I have no choice. It's my hobby anyway. It helps me clear my head and get rid of people who are stupid and idiot who can't even understand a single f*cking thing. I hate people like that but you're smart. Let's see how you'll get out of this one." Another sinister laugh erupted again. "Now, once I kill you and everyone in this building, I'll get Gem and kill her to a place where everything began. I hope that recorder you're holding would reach to them in time." Then they heard crashing and running sounds from the recorder. And before Cole could end it, a voice echoed through the recorder.



"It was a massacre. You would see behind me bodies had been sliced or shot to their death. There are three thousand people according the latest police report and the building has only a record of one thousand five hundred eighty six residence living. In related news, Mrs. Gem Javier Gonzales is kidnapped by who we all believed died sixteen years ago, Miss Samantha Javier and where a year after her death, their parents' Rea and Allan died in a tragic car accident. She is also responsible for this massacre. There are no reports on where she would be and-"

Red turned the TV off and looked at everyone. He kept on listening Margarette's recorder for clues, or anything that Samantha would say, a place or a thing just to let them know where she could possibly be and looked around. The beeping sound from Marg's heart monitor as Mia's and Kevin's surrounds the room. The hospital is not safe for them to stay. For all they know, Samantha might kill them once they were left behind. With the permission from their personal doctors, the living room was turned into a ward. Three hospital beds lined in a side with their respective monitors and oxygen tanks with Lily and Carla watching over them. At the other side, computers, laptops and papers scattered everywhere with Cole, Ken and Neil typing away. Tracking and hacking, they have been doing that ever since the sun sets. Ray and Luis in their tablets, talking to people who would give all information about anything related to Samantha and Gem. He took his earphones off when Dave entered the room, out of breath and frustrated. "She killed everyone. Every wanted man on the list she managed to manipulate to help her is found dead and you wouldn't like to know how they find them." He said. They cursed and grunted. F*ck, again. He sighed.

They found out that there are three places Samantha usually went to through the papers that Erick had brought from the apartment, looks like she already took care of them. They didn't have the time to question them. "Where else could she take her? These papers are useless, darn it." Jacob hissed as he messing his hair, irritated at himself. "Take a break for a while, bro. I'll keep searching. Take Mike with you. He's been stressing for a while." Dan said as the other looked at the boy who looked devastated and tired. He sighed and took Mike by the arm. Mark nudged Dan and smiled, "You rest as well. Erick and I will cover for you. Let's take turns. That's better than having all of us too tired to think." Then he took the papers he was reading as he looked at Erick. "Watch my wife for me when you take a break. I don't think Mike is up for it now." He said as Dan gave him a nod. Rose had a panic attack when they entered the room with a bloody note on the wall. According to the authorities, the blood is not from Gem which is a relief for all of them but they were disgusted to know that the blood is from the people she killed. Rose is needed to be sedated to avoid hurting herself. Mike is stressing too much as well. Even though he didn't show it, his friends could clearly see it.

"No." All the men looked at Lily who stood up with her arms crossed around her chest. "You all need to take a break. All of you are stressing too much. How can you even find her when all can't think straight? We have all the clues and information about her. Try thinking of a new angle. Think of other options. I know she left a clue. All of you have been looking only at places and tracking like dogs. Breathe for a minute and think." Lily said. She looked furious but she is right. They are too focused on looking at places not trying other options. Ray went near his wife and pulled her in his embrace. That's when everyone realized that she was trembling. She's scared and frightened for her daughter's safety. "I want her home Ray. Please, please. I want her home and safe with us." Lily begged and Ray soothed her to calm down.

"I'll get Gem and kill her to a place where everything began."

Red suddenly stood up and looked at Lily and Ray. "Where did Samantha 'died'?" He asked. Everyone looked at him confused with the sudden question when Ken widens his eyes then suddenly typed away. Then Dan snatched Dave's phone and started calling. Dave looked confused as he looked at his brothers but they too can't understand the other boys' actions. Jacob went over to Ken and Neil talking about something they can't understand. "At their house. Why are you asking, son?" Luis said when his son tossed him the recorder he's been listening since the past hour as Mike suddenly entered the room. "Where..." Erick tried asking when the younger spoke. "The car is outside." The boys started going out making everyone too confused and messed out.

"Where do you think you boys are going?" Carla said a little louder to make them stop. Clear that she's confused as hell but she needed to know what her son and his friends are up to. "I already called the police. They'll call again." Dan answered and looked at Dave before heading out getting the keys from Mike. "I saved the map on the laptop." Neil added then went out. "I installed a tracker here. You'll know where to find us." Ken smirked and tossed a phone at Cole and started walking out.

"Heading back to the place where it all began. That's what she said right." Jacob smirked then nudged at Red to hurry up as well. Everyone inside looked at him and smiled making them more confused. "I'm getting my wife back Ma. Hurry up with the backup, okay?" Before they could even ask more, Red ran out of the house and entered the passenger seat. The moment he's inside, Dan already drove away towards their destination.

'I'm coming Gem.'

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