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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 32

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Watching her sister sleeping soundly made her giddy. Gem has been a naïve and innocent to begin with. Of course she would let herself be captured. She loved everyone too much. Samantha laughed sinisterly at the thought. Love, whoever invented that word should be delusional. It doesn't even exist. It only made people crazy. When she heard the chains moving, she smiled wickedly. When she looked up, Samantha met the same brown eyes she has only that, the other looked surprise and shocked. She laughed hysterically. "Did you sleep well, baby sister?" Gem fidgeted when she realized she was chained on the cold wall. "How? Why?" Shocked, she could feel clearly from every word. She could see her shiver from the cold making her smile dangerously at her.

Samantha fain thinking and looked back at her scared little sister. "To get back at the people who ruined me, to kill every last person who whipped, hit, scratched and raped me. And also, to kill the people who never believe in me. My reasons could go on but those are enough to get you to understand. You're smart. Now, the how? I killed your best friend Melody. Remember how people keep on telling how we look alike so I killed her and faked my death. It's easy to fool all of you, you know that? I could see how broken Rea and Allan is when they thought their daughter died. They made me sick." Then she suddenly slapped Gem causing for a slit lip from her. "And did you remember the car accident?" Samantha suddenly asked making Gem tremble as she felt her stomach cringe at the memory where she was stabbed by... Her eyes widen and looked at her sister smiling sickly at her and laughed in high pitch. "Yes, baby sis. It was me. I stabbed you. I wanted you to die slowly and painfully as your blood flow out from your body. I loved the way you look at me. But, you didn't die." Gem looked horrified as her big sister sigh in disappointment. Then her reaction changed so fast that Gem couldn't understand her anymore.

"Now, I can make sure that you die with your baby." Samantha smiled wickedly as Gem widen her eyes in fear as she watched her try and protect her stomach from the other only made her flinched. Samantha laughed menacingly at her wasteful effort. "Let me go, Sammy. Please, sis." She begged only made her laugh menacingly then whipped her hard on her arms and legs making Gem scream. "Why would I do that baby sis? Where's the fun when all I know you'll just run away from me like you always do." Samantha said as she continued whipping her to the point where her skin is bruised up. "I didn't run away from you sis. I never ran away from you. Please stop." Gem begged again but it only fueled Samantha's hunger for pain. Blood slowly rolled down on her skin making Samantha smiled sickly as she stopped hitting. Gem opened her eyes only to see her sister's back from a table. When looked over the side, she saw different weapons laid over for her to choose. Her heart quickens.

When Samantha turned around, she started hyperventilating. "Don't worry baby sis. Once this is all done, you wouldn't feel a thing. I promise." Licking a knife, she smiled sinisterly at her. Screaming is the only thing Gem could do. A lot of thoughts crashed her mind with all the revelations she heard. She remembered everything, all her memories that she locked up at the back of her mind. But, as everything came crashing down on her, she prayed.

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