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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 33

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Her cries made his heart stop. Her screams made his sweat ran cold. And her agonizing plea made him see rage. With Jacob and Dan, they strongly kicked the front door open, destroying the lock. Once inside, they could hear Gem's painful yell in the entire house. Mike was the first to move towards the sound when he noticed that it was losing it's volume. The rest of them followed him, running as fast as they can to catch up to him until they arrived at a white and well lightened basement. Then they heard a muffled cry and chains hitting the walls at a corner of the place. When they turned their heads, they saw her leaning away from the wall as the chains would allow her to and screaming words they couldn't understand.

They were about to move when they heard a gun loading. "Welcome to our humble home boys." Samantha said and took her shot. She smiled sinisterly and went towards her sister crying. It made her laughed hysterically at the scene. "Look what you made me do baby sis. You made me kill them." She said, faking her sadness and sympathy then laughing yet again while she harshly removed the tape plastered on Gem's mouth. "Guys, wake up! Please wake up! Please!" She pleads out loud only burning her throat more but she continued calling out to them. Until Samantha slapped her face causing another bleeding slit on her lips. She pulled her hair up too hard making her flinched. She smiled darkly and pulls her hair again, harder this time as she looked at her. "Shut the f*ck up! Stop calling. They won't save you anymore. No one will. You'll feel what is like to be hopeless, useless and alone." Samantha hissed while pulling a knife out of her pocket and positioned herself in slicing her when Red suddenly twisted her arm around her back as he put his other arm around her neck. "I promise your sister that when she calls, I'll be there. And I'm not breaking that promise." He said as they staggered backwards away from Gem while Mike and Neil try releasing her from her chains.

But Samantha is not just any girl that would give up easily. She smacked him with her head and kicked her on his wounded leg causing him to stumble back. Jacob then punched her on the side making her fall down and was about to plant another punch when she jumped up and elbowed him on the abdomen causing him to lose balance and stumbled down. When Samantha stabled her footing, she brought out another knife and throws it backwards where the two boys are. Luckily, Ken blocked it with a wood. That as a distraction, Dan hit her head with a bat making her fall to the ground, dizzy with the impact. And yet, it didn't stop her.

Dan noticed the smirked on her lips as she took out another knife. "Watch out!" He warned the two. Neil looked back and saw the knife coming for Mike. Instinctively, he pushed him away and took the aim. Gem looked horrified at the knife that punctured Neil's arm just right in front of her. Samantha was aiming to kill Mike in front of Gem to completely traumatize her even more. She cursed.

Mike continued picking the locks with his trembling hands as Neil slumped down and slowly took the knife out. Jacob kicked Samantha's hands and tied them with a rope as Dan helped Neil and Mike. Ken searched any more weapons on her as Red helps Jacob secure her on the chair, tightening the rope around her. When Mike was done, Dan was already on his side, helping Gem sit on the floor. Mike then tore a cloth long enough for him to wrap around his friend's bleeding wound. Neil could feel him shaking but didn't voice it out. "Better?" He asked out of breath. Clearly, he's trying to calm his own self. Neil smiled and softly punched him. "Yeah."

Then suddenly, they felt Gem between them as she put her arms around them and hugged them tight. "Thank goodness you're safe. Thank God you guys are safe." She said repeatedly but it doesn't sound annoying. Her voice is soothing and gentle made them calm as they smile and patted her back. "We're not going to die easily Gem." Dan said ruffling her hair. She looked up to them and see her smiling face as her tears fall down from her eyes and wipes them off. Gem was happy and grateful to see them alive.

Walking was hard but at least she could be near her beloved she has been yearning for. His warm and safe arms are what Gem wants at the moment and Dan could tell. With an arm length, he called him and instantly, Gem is already in Red's arms as the others sigh in relief looking at one another. "I'm sorry for not saving you on time. I'm sorry for not protecting you. I'm sorry..." She cut him off with a sweet and tender kiss then looked at him with gentleness. "You came. That's all that matters." She said then looked down at her stomach and holds it gently. "What did I tell you baby, Papa came to save us. Everything will be okay baby." She said with every crack on her voice. Then Red noticed her tears flowing out and her hands shaking but that's not all he sees. Bruises, cuts and marks of whips all over her arms and legs, a tear on her dress made him see a bruise line on her stomach and with that enough made him mad, furious even. Gem felt it and instantly, she cupped his face and smiled lovingly. "Honey, she needs help. She's already hurting. Please." She said carefully. She needed her sister to stay alive so that she can take care of her and at the same time help her in getting better.

Sammy might be put in a mental institute but at least Gem would be with her, helping her to get through everything. He sighed and wiped her tears gently and smiled. Then they heard sirens filled up the whole place and at the same time, Samantha's deranged laugh. "Help? I've been asking for help since the beginning baby sis but did any of you listen? No. And now, after putting me in a cell of some mental f*cking institute, you'll leave me alone like how Mama and Papa usually do. You will never understand the pain I have to go through every single f*cking day. You're traumatized on what I did? Please.... that's not even enough to compare mine. I'm alone, hurting and dying since I was born. Those memories never left. They keep on haunting me in every hour of every minute of every second of my every day. Now, do you think any of you would understand or let alone believe in me? I don't think so." Samantha said and then started killing police men who are handling her. She took their weapons and used it against them. She was shot all over her body but it didn't stop her from killing. Police surrounds the group ready to kill her until Gem screamed. Everyone stopped as they watch a pregnant woman push her way towards her sister. Samantha even stopped and watched her.

Then suddenly, she saw a memory, a very special memory that she cherished. What she saw was a small girl that looked like Gem with a smiling face fighting her way through the people blocking her way towards her. Then she held her hand tight. "I got you Sammy!" The little girl said with a bright smile. Then her vision changed and saw Gem smiling tenderly at her with her hand holding hers. "I got you Sammy." She said it again but this time, gentle and soft. "Don't run too fast or you'll get hurt baby sis. Apologize to them, okay?"

Surprised, Gem looked at her sister and can't believe she would say the exact same words from the memory they both share. She smiled as tears fell from her eyes. "Yes Sammy. I will." Both smiled at one another until Samantha falls to the ground with her blood flowing out of her body. Gem screamed and immediately cradled her sister on her lap. "Everything will be okay. Stay with me Sammy. Please stay with me!" She begged, crying. With her last strength, Samantha lifted her hand and slowly wiped her tears away. "I'm always with you, always. So don't crybaby sis. I know everything will be okay now. So stop crying, okay? Smile for me?" She said. And with that, Gem smiled sweetly at her.

She heard her first and last beautiful chuckle leave her lips and then silence.

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