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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 34

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It has been twenty years. I'm not sure how my Mama could live a life so happily even though she experienced a lot of scary things. I was still inside her when everything happened and even before I was made, she had a lot of painful memories hidden away inside her mind but there's one memory she cherished. She told me that Tita Sammy also share that. I don't know what it is but I think it's about a smile.

"Sis! Ma's calling you." I looked at my little brother walking towards me and looked at the frame I'm holding. "You always look at their picture. Not that I don't mind but why?" He asked as I put the frame back. "I don't know Al. I just want to look at their smiling face. It looks like they have the best day of their life." I said then looked at the frame beside it. It's a picture of me and my two brothers. We have the same smile just like our parents and our tita that we have never met. He shrugged. "Where's Rome?" I asked when she noticed the guy leaning on the door frame. "Miss me dear big sister? I never knew you loved me more than my noisy brother." I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Oh hi there little brother. I forgot you're here." Al smirked as Rome snickered and walked towards us. I chuckle. These boys never fail to put a smile on my face. The three of us look alike in so many ways but what we have our differences. But what we inherited from Tita Sammy was something we never thought we would have, her intelligence.

Walking down, the two went where Kris and Martin is. Boys. Martin, by the way is Tito Cole and Tita Margarette's son. I'm not sure how their love story blossom but according to Mama, it was sweet and romantic. "There you are, I needed all the help dear. Your cousins are complaining already." I saw my mother pulling me gently inside the dining room, where Jane and Kristy are setting the table. "About time you get here you lazy bum." Jane said while she passed me a basket full of spoon and forks. She's Martin's little sister. She just likes her mother, very confident if you ask me but I like her nonetheless. "You were looking at the picture again, aren't you?" Kristy asked smiling softly at me and I nodded. Kris and Kristy are twins and two years older than me. Kris is the overprotective and strong type as Kristy is the lovable and smart type. Us, the group of cousins are always together through thick and thin. And we are not complete yet. "Are the others coming?" I asked. "Tita Gem told us that they'll arrive a little later because of the traffic." Kristy answered.

And then we continued with work as Mama and Mia kept on asking us all around the kitchen or more like I do a lot of work because Jane and Kristy is busy around with their boyfriends. I sighed. I envy them but I'm happy for them. I don't think I will find love just like them. Why? It is because my dear grandmothers arranged me to some guy I have no idea who he is. Don't get me wrong, I love them to death and I would do anything for them but arranged marriage, at this time? I sigh. They already did it to my parents because our mother is in danger and needed protection but this time? I don't really understand what they are thinking. And what is more frustrating is that, my parents even agree to this arrangement. I sighed again. That's why everyone is here. They'll be heading here at our house to celebrate. Everyone around me knows the guy except for me. Seriously... they can't even share me that single information. I kept on asking and the only thing they told me is that I know him very well. Take note that they really emphasize that clue really well. I sigh again for I don't know how many. I'll just have to wait for him and see.

"Honey! We're here." I heard Papa's voice, snapping me out of my thoughts. Oh well, I better head inside. I've been staying out for a long time now since Mama told me that I can rest. The garden was my sanctuary. It's the only place I want to be when there are many people inside the house. And I don't want to stay inside when I'm the main topic for today's event. I sighed and stood up only to bump into someone losing my balance. But I didn't fall. Then I felt arms around my waist, securing me. When I looked up, I saw the most wonderful eyes I ever since. And I felt that I saw it somewhere before. "Why does it that every time I come and see you, you would always bump into me? Then here I am catching you before you fall. Not that I'm complaining. I like it. Actually, I already love it." He said with his husky voice but at the same time sweet and addictive. What? But then again, when I looked at him closely, I remembered a young boy, a little older than me holding my hands. Then I saw his smirked turn to a smile.

"Hi Sara." That smile. Then it came back to me. He's my childhood friend. The guy I felt my heart pound so loud when we held hands on my thirteenth birthday, the guy who saved me from kidnappers and the same guy who made me felt pain when he left for the states, and he's here. "Hi Kyle." I thought my whole life that I would never see him again. I thought I would never love again since he left but here he is, standing, holding me tight in his arms. I kept on asking and praying on how will love find me when I'm engaged. I guess my love did find me when I'm not looking and no idea that I already found it. No, my family found it before I can. And I'm thankful for that. And maybe, Tita Sammy helped as well. I smiled widely as tears started falling from my eyes making him flustered just like when we're kids. But he's all grown up now and instead of running away to get something for me, he wiped my tears gently and he smiled so sweet. We both felt the same way, the happiness, the longing and the love all just come together. Then we kissed so tenderly until I heard my family cheering and clapping for me. I guess they know what we must be feeling. "I thought you hate getting married to me? What changed your mind?" He said after the kiss. Flustered and shy, I hit him. "Shut up and just kiss me. I miss you too much." He laughed and gladly does my command. I can get used this. And I won't get tired of it.

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