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You And I


You And I

Looking at you through the corner of my eye has now become a habit ,

Hating you for your absolute perfection does not pain me anymore

Competing with others for your attention is no longer tough

For I have realized that I do not need to do it

For expecting all this from me has become your habit

Trying to get better than me doesn't pain you anymore

Finding me in a crowd is no longer tough

Looking for chances to talk are now not needed

Because truly eyes and actions speak more than words

Showing my affection for you is not a wasted action anymore

For I now know that it will be reciprocated

You are the rock for my limitless waves

I am the soil to hold your mighty trunk

You are the reason for my sudden happiness

I am the reason for your sudden jealousy

You are my subject for random thoughts

I am the answer to your random questions

You are the king of my heart

I am the queen of your mind

© Rachita Biswas, 2019. All rights reserved.


Rachita Biswas


This is something that just came to my mind P.S.-Imagine any couple while reading this or listen to some good old love songs while reading this, the experience is better!!!šŸ˜™šŸ˜™


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Robin @robincarretti
Very nicely penned I enjoyed it very much.